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General CareUpdated 8 months ago

When receiving your bag, on occasion the bag may have a scent from the manufacturing process. If this happens to occur, we recommend placing a dryer sheet into the bag and giving it some time to absorb any odours. 

Alternatively, placing the bag outside for a few days – weather permitting – will also have the same effect. Finally, we do not recommend spraying odour eliminators or fragrance sprays inside or outside the bag as it may ruin the purse.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to sourcing the most innovative and eco-friendly materials for our products, and to offset the environmental effects of manufacturing our products. 

Be aware that the red dye used in the lining of select products may transfer to lighter colors and textiles.

When receiving the product we kindly recommend wiping the lining with mild soap and water and then allowing the bag to air dry prior to use.

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